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I dream of the details; the little things your guests will remember for years to come

KLM Events Planning + Design, born in 2018, is a full service wedding, private party, and corporate event coordinating business that is located in Oakland County, Michigan. Our goal is to make your wedding memorable for all. No matter if you have always dreamed of your big day in a country club filled with a dress as sparkly as the chandeliers, a barn filled with delicious smells of bbq lofting through the air while dancing in your favorite pair of boots, or a quante garden wedding with a long table filled with all the people you love KLM is here to help make that dream a reality

Kayla Makki 
Co-Founder & Creative Director

How did this dream become a reality?

I have always had a passion for entertaining. It didn’t matter if it was a simple poker night at home, holiday dinner, children's birthday party or (my favorite) weddings! As I think every girl dreams of her wedding I dream of the details; the little things the guests will remember for years to come. So over the years I have assisted in coordination and planning of 6 weddings for family members and friends. While doing so I have built incredible relationships with vendors of all sorts; bakers, florist, photographers, you name it!


So fast forward to August 2018. I go to a friends to help her work on custom sunglasses for all the guests (those details). This is the time I met my first “real bride”. She was getting married in 45 days, 3 hours from where we live. She had a DJ, Baker, Caterer, photographer, and location. That was it! When she told me “we don’t even have plates for the guests” my heart stopped! I have always been a believer in everything happens for a reason and this was the sign I needed to finally do what I enjoy. 


A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

Our devotion to develop your Pinterest day with special attention to the slightest of details while keeping true to your vision is our pledge to you.

Our goal is for every couple to look back on their special day and reflect on the perfect day not the stresses leading up to it. With a variety of packages there is a option for every couple allowing you fully enjoy your special day.


We look forward to helping you create your once in a lifetime event.

Joseph Makki
Co-Founder & Custom Craftsmen
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